Aids to Navigation Revolving Light

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Aids to Navigation Revolving Light

Aids to Navigation Revolving Light

HS-RB500 revolving light is composed by rotating platform, plane Fresnel Bullseye lens, six electron bulb exchange machine and rotation control unit. When the bulb in the electronic bulb exchange machine is lighted, the rotating lens rotates and then form a flash.

HS-RB500 revolving light has 360 degrees horizontal beam, three flash characters (single flash, double flash, three flashes) and maximum light range reaching 30 nautical miles. The speed change of the rotating lamp is controlled by infrared remote control. It has RS232 (COM) interface and the route unit can make it be monitored by remote wireless (or wired) monitoring. The overall protection level of the lamp is IP67.


Suitable for lighthouse, large light beacon and other remote navigation facilities.

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Technical Parameter


HS-RB500 Rotary Lamp

Working Voltage

12V DC

Optical System

Plane Fresnel Bullseye Lens

Max. Light Range

30 nautical miles

Horizontal Beam


Lens Rotation


Flash Character

Single Flash, Double Flashes and Three Flashes

(Special Character can be customized)

Light Source

Halogen Tungsten Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp

Outline Dimension


Protection Grade


Aids to Navigation Revolving Light

Aids to Navigation Revolving Light

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