Big Dipper Satellite Remote Monitoring Navigation Mark Light

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Big Dipper Satellite Remote Monitoring Navigation Mark Light

Big Dipper Satellite Remote Monitoring Navigation Mark Light

HS-CL2000 Big Dipper Satelllite remote monitoring navigation mark light is our newly developed navigation light device with international advanced level. This lamp adopts the Big Dipper satellite system as a link of lights data transmission and detection and adopts dual positioning operation mode based on Big Dipper satellite positioning and GPS positioning to ensure the reliability of the location.

Big Dipper satellite belongs to the geostationary satellite whose coverage area is the Asia Pacific region, so it is especially suitable for the occasions that GPS, AIS, VHF and other traditional wireless communication means can not be achieved.

HS-CL2000 Beuidou Satellite remote monitoring navigation mark light has two structures: split type lamp and integrated lamp. A complete Big Dipper satellite remote monitoring pharos system is composed by Big Dipper satellite navigation light, small satellite ground station and the central control software. The pharos and small ground station structure both reach the protection grade IP67 above.


Suitable for the use of marine and poor working conditions.

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Technical Parameter



Working Voltage

12V DC

Voltage Range

10~29V DC

Average Power


Light Range


Horizontal Departure Angle


Light Color

Red/White/Green/Yellow/Blue(combined adjustable)

Flash Character



Wireless Infrared Remote Control

Daylight Sensitivity


Remote Monitoring Interface


Protection Grade


Working Temperature


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