Solar Intelligent Navigation Signal Light

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Solar Intelligent Navigation Signal Light

Solar Intelligent Navigation Signal Light

This solar intelligent navigation signal light is composed of 120mm long-range Fresnel lens, micro-controller, high brightness LED lamp, physical silicon solar battery and full sealed non-maintenance battery. The lampshade is made of waterproof and anti-aging polypropylene acid ester (PC material). The outer shell of this lamp is made of high quality stainless steel plate and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. The lamp body is also provided with the function of preventing the bird excrement and has the features of exquisite material, advanced circuit and reasonable structure.

This lights circuit adopts the low energy consumption and constant current design, having no impact on the LED though the voltage changes. The construction of the solar obstacle lamp is convenient. It is particularly suitable for the places where is lack of power and requires explosion-proof function. This light is more applicable in the maritime navigation aid to ensure that when the buoy floats on the surface of the ocean on at least one side facing the sun and to greatly increase the power generation efficiency of solar panels.

This product is equipped with automatic light control switch (in the daytime automatically shut off; automatically turn on at night ), having the advantages of energy saving, long life time, environmental protection and so on.

Product Specifications

Light Index

Light Source

90 pieces of Super Bright LED Lamp Beads

Light Source Color

Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue

Light Intensity


Horizontal Angle


Vertical Angle


Flashing Rate

298 including regular lighting (user-adjustable)

LED Lifespan


Power Index

Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Rated Power


Solar Index

Solar Panel Type


Solar Power Output


Operating System

Microprocessor Control

Power Supply Index

Battery Type

High Quality Maintenance Free Battery

Battery Capacity


Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Continuous Overcast and Rainy Days

Flashlight: 40days (14h every day 12.5% cycle period)

Regular Lighting: 10days

Lamp Body Technology Index

Pedestal Material

Stainless Steel

Lampshade Material

UV Resistant Polycarbonate

Lampshade Diameter


Installation Size

Small Holes of 4*12mm distributed The Pitch Diameter 80mm

Lamp External Size


Lamp Weight


Environment Technology Index



Protection Degree


Wind Load


Ambient Temperature

-40- 70


Tower, chimneys and other high-rise buildings or sea indicator light



Solar Intelligent Navigation Signal Light

Dimension of Solar Intelligent Navigation Light

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