Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

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Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

1. Based on LED process, its color is in accordance with the requirements of IALA Recommendation E-200-1;

2. Lamp cover and light body itself are integrated, reaching protection level IP68;

3. PC material, anti UV, anti vibration, corrosion resistance, with anti bird device;

4. 256kinds characters can be adjustable, meeting the requirements of IALA;

5. Continously adjustable light intensity; automatic light control, adjustable illuminance value;

6. Built-in sealed lead acid battery, maintenance free and easy to change;

7. Stable working performance, low maintenance cost;

8. External charging power supply(optional);

9. Flash synchronization can be achieved based on GPS synchronization technology (optional);

10. SMS alarm can be achieved based on GSM communication technology (optional);


Used for offshore buoys, inland river buoys, shore beacons, fixed light beacons, offshore oil derrick singnal light and so on.

Technical Parameters


HS411A solar navigation mark light

Effective Light Intensity


Visual Range


LED Color for option

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White

Vertical Divergence Angle


Horizontal Dovergence Angle


Light Source


LED Service Life


Daylight Switch Illumination Threshold

30days(14hours darkness, 12.5% duty cycle)


300lux100lux, adjustable

Power Supply

IALA256 kinds( including light, adjustable)

Max. Output Power

Single crystal silicon solar panles



Battery Capacity

Maintenance-free sealed lead acid battery

Integrated Lamp Cover


Waterproof Grade

Outdoor anti UV grade polycarbonate(PC)



Working Temperature


Outline Dimension


Installation Dimension

Height 370mm, Diameter 235mm


Chassis 235mm, pitch circle 200mm evenly distributed on 4 of 16 holes

External charging power supply, GPS synchronization, GSM SMS alarm

Installation Method and Precautions

1. Please read the instruction carefully and use the product correctly;

2. In order to protect the battery during the shipping and storage, StAt has been set up for OFF status; FLASH:027; light intensity is set to be 36cd; before installation or testing, please set StAt in to Auto or ON, and adjust the required character and light intensity;

3. If the light is not bright during the first use, please put the lamp in the sunlight for 12 hours or plug in the charger to get power; then it can work normally.

4. Solar navigation mark light must be installed at the places where can fully get sunlight, to ensure that the solar lamp can work continously;

5. Place the lamp on the vertical mounting surface with the lamp axis; the mounting surface should be smooth and sufficient in mechanical strength.

6. For long time storage, the StAt should be turned to OFF and place the light in the dry sub humid place; please take out the solar panels and put it in sunlight for five days or use charger to get full energy every half year to ensure the battery capacity;

7. If you face any problems in use, please feel free to contact us.

Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

Drawing of Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

Solar-powered LED Marine Lantern

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