Wire Container

Description of Wire Container

Steel wire container has many characteristics,such as a folding function,nice appearance,solid structure,easy movement and large loading capacity.It is made of Q195 steel wire through cold drawn.Semi-finished mesh is formed again by welding.After surface treatment,it can be completed and assembled.Storage cage also has many advantages,such as storage neatly,large space utilization,easy to storage inventory,etc.

Our wire container is not only suitable for factory workshop,but also supermarkets as warehouse.Wire container can cooperate with forklifts, trolleys, hydraulic pallet trucks and other equipment.It can be used for transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage, custody and other aspects of logistics. Improved storage cage can also put in the pipeline, shelves, as well as stack.Wire container with casters in the workshop is convenient for turnaround.

The size error of this cage is plus or minus 2%,.The weight error of this wire container is plus or minus 2%. Storage cage adapts to the environment temperature: -40 ¡æ -80 ¡æ (to avoid prolonged sun exposure, heat).

Characteristics of Wire Container:

Folding wire container is available,various designs;

Durable and sturdy,convenient transportation;

It can be reused.It can effectively reduce the logistics cost of warehouse companies;

Nice appearance,solid structure,large load capacity.

Note:The size of wire container can be customized according to the clients¡¯ actual requirements.For any more information,welcome to contact us directly.Best service can be available.

Wire Container

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Wire Container

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Wire Container

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