Plastic Pallet

Description of Plastic Pallet

Pallet is the most basic carrier of logistic operation.The pallet can cooperate with forklift to achieve the mechanized handling operation of materials.The pallet can combine with racking to achieve the orderly stack and storage of materials.It can significantly improve the space utilization.Plastic tray is a horizontal platform device.Plastic pallet is widely used in production,transportation,warehouse and other fields.

Plastic tray is a necessary logistics equipment.It is widely used in machinery, automobiles, household appliances, food, medicine and other industries.It has light, appearance, corrosion resistance, long life and recyclable characteristics.It is an important tool of modern transportation,warehousing and packaging.

Features of Plastic Pallet:

It is easy for operation;

It is suitable for both stacking each other in the warehouse and using on various shelves;

Suitable for all kinds of trucks, It is convenient for the transportation of the materialsĄŻ collection and unitization ;

It is convenient for cooperating with forklift,hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling tools.

It is equipped with non-slip rubber,which ensures that the material wonĄŻt slip during transportation;

It has long service life.It can be recycled and complies the environmental requirements.

Note:Plastic pallet can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,welcome to contact us directly.High quality products will be available.

Plastic Pallet

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Plastic Pallet

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Plastic Pallet

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Plastic Pallet

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Plastic Pallet

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Plastic Pallet

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