Storage Cage

Description of Storage Cage

Storage cage capacity is fixed.The stacking of storage cage is clean.Storage cage is easy to stock inventory.It stores at a glance.Storage cage can improve the utilization of storage space.In addition,storage cage can be reused.It is sturdy and durable.Convenient transportation is available.The human consumption of enterprise storage and the cost of packaging can be effectively reduced.

Storage cage is widely used in warehouse, workshop, logistics and distribution centers,etc.The specifications and designs can be customized according to clientsĄŻ special requirements.For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.We will provide best service and high quality products for you.

Features of Storage Cage:

Made of high quality steel by cold,harden and weld;high strength,high load capacity;

Unified specification,fixed capacity,store at a glance,easy to stock inventory;

Galvanized surface,beautiful appearance,antioxidant,long service life;

Can cooperate with container to improve space utilization;comply with international standards;

Can be stacked four layer each other to achieve three-dimensional storage;

Folding structure is available,low cost recovery;it can effectively operate with forklifts,lifts and other equipment;

The surface adopts the environmental treatment so that it wonĄŻt pollute the environment;

The wheel can be installed at the bottom of the storage cage.The internal turnover is extremely convenient in the factory.

Storage Cage

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Storage Cage

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Storage Cage

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