Steel Pallet

Description of Steel Pallet

The material of steel pallet is steel and galvanized steel.It is formed by special equipment.Various profiles support each other.Rivets connect and reinforce.CO2 gas protects and welds.The pallet surface is galvanized or electrostatically sprayed.Steel pallet has the strongest carrying capacity in pallets.It has long service without maintenance.The surface uses non-slip process.The periphery uses package edge process.The chassis is sturdy.The overall is lightweight with strong steel quality.

When steel pallet is used on the shelf,the friction coefficient is large.It is not easy to slide with loading.It is durable,safe and reliable for using.Steel pallet is made of steel panel and steel leg.The surface board is made of corrugated board.The corrugated board uses high quality cold-rolled steel to roll through automatic mill.Generally,The steel leg uses 100 กม 50,120 * 50 rectangular tubes to weld together.

Features of Steel Pallet:

Various designsand colors can be available according to your special requirements;

High quality steel and galvanized steel,durable;

Compared with wooden pallet,steel pallet has environmental benefits;

Compared with plastic pallet,steel pallet has strength,wear and heat advantages;

Steel pallet is flexible.The design is four-way fork,which can improve space utilization and operation convenience.

Note:Our steel pallet can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.High quality products can be available.

Steel Pallet

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Steel Pallet

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