4S Store Rack

Description of 4S Store Racking

4S store racking as also known as auto parts warehouse rack,auto parts rack.This rack has compact structure and beautiful appearance.It is equipped with universal shelves.Whats more,it has special racks for auto parts warehouse.4S store racking includes various designs,such as small piece rack,medium piece rack large piece rack,tire rack,glass rack,car door rack,shock absorber rack,fuel rack,muffler rack,hanging rack and so on.

Generally,auto parts racking has two forms:medium duty shelf and mezzanine rack.The mezzanine rack of 4S store rack has more species and more complex structure than usual mezzanines.

Features of 4S Store Racking:

Stronger professional,the rack can be designed according to the structure and appearance of various auto parts;

The column specifications of medium duty 4S store shelf are: 55 47 2.0mm, 55 * 50 * 2.0mm special rack column profiles;

It has more complex structure and more species than usual mezzanine rack.

Note:This racking can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,welcome to contact us directly.Best service will be available.

4S Store Rack

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4S Store Rack

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