Carton Flow Racking

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Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Racking

This rack is also called dynamic racking,sliding racking.It uses roller aluminum,sheet metal,etc and the self weight of goods gantry to store goods from one side of passeage and pick up from the other side of the passage.It can achieve FIFO.It is convenient for storage.It can complete one time and pick up may times.It is specially fit for the short-term storage and picking og large quantities of goods because of its high storage efficiency.It can be equipped with electronic tags.Easy management of goods is available.Common sliding containers include turnover box,parts boxes and cartons which are suitable for the short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods.

Our carton flow racking is widely used in maufacturing,commerce,distribution centers,assembley plant and a higher frequency shipping warehouse.It can be customized according to your special requirements.Welcome to contact us directly for any more information.

Features of Carton Flow Racking:

1.Dynamic storage which has storage and transportation dual function;

2.The goods are transported through the sloped fluent from the inlet end to the outlet end.The later goods are transported in turn to achieve the purposeof storage and first in first out(FIFO);

3.It can be used in logistics center and warehouse picking area.It can also be applied to the production station sideto store product components;

4.The goods have fluidity.It can achieve FIFO material flow management;

5.Compared with the conventional laminate shelves,it is not just provide a storage space but save more space, improve efficiency.It can be equipped with electric tags system.

6.Two structures are availble:Aluminum frame and sheet metal skeleton.The first one has good bearring with high cost;The last one has lighter bearing with lower cost.

Carton Flow Racking

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Carton Flow Racking

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Carton Flow Racking

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Carton Flow Racking

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