Stainless Steel Round Air Vent

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Stainless Steel Round Air Vent


Stainless steel tuyere is a new product, suitable for general building exterior wall exhaust. This type of design is suitable for buildings, factories, shopping malls, kitchens and house toilets where the end of the exhaust pipe is connected to the outside wall. It is also practical for wind and rain protection, with durable stainless steel tuyere, which adds a modern touch to modern architecture, equipped with louvers and stainless steel insect mesh.


The characteristics of stainless steel tuyere products: strong, beautiful, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. It is incomparable to aluminum alloy products. Stainless steel tuyere is widely used in hotels, restaurants, national defense, electric power, medicine, chemical industry, smelting, tunnel, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other humid, corrosive and high temperature places; It can also be used for general ventilation and outdoor rain protection.

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Stainless Steel Round Air Vent

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