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Double-layer louver tuyere is generally used as an air supply port, and can also be used directly with the fan coil unit. It is widely used at the end of the central air conditioning system, and can also be used with the opposite leaf regulating valve to adjust the air volume.

Single-layer louver tuyere can be adjusted up and down the wind direction, the return air inlet can be used with the tuyere filter net, the joint Angle can be adjusted, there are ABS plastic fixed bracket between the blades. The fixed air filter can be removed from the guide rail during cleaning, and then pushed into the guide rail for further use.

Fixed strip tuyere used in heating and cooling air conditioning system, can be installed on the side wall or ceiling.

Vertical louver type tuyere with positive pressure air conditioning room automatic exhaust. Under normal circumstances, the louver by the tuyere has its own weight and natural sag, isolating the indoor and outdoor air exchange, when the indoor air pressure is greater than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow will blow the louver and exhaust outward, on the contrary, the indoor air pressure is less than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow can not reverse into the room, the tuyere has a one-way check effect.

Rotary wind flow out rotary jet mouth, has big induction ratio, the characteristics of wind velocity attenuation fast in the air conditioning and ventilation system can be used as a big air volume, large temperature difference air supply in order to reduce the number of tuyere, installed on the ceiling or roof, 3 meters can be used for low space, also can use two kinds of highly air supply large area, and height can be up to 10 meters or more.

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 Air Vent Cap

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