Stainless Steel Marine Cowl Air Vent

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Stainless Steel Marine Cowl Air Vent


The frame and blade are all high-quality 304 stainless steel structure, corrosion-resistant and rigid.
This type of vent is combined with a set of louver blades. It is often used as exterior wall exhaust and ventilation for bathrooms, kitchens, warehouses, residences, apartments, apartments, gymnasiums, etc.
Barbed snap hooks on the neck for securing the device to the wall or pipe.
With air filter insert.
The exhaust port is equipped with stainless steel louvers, which are inclined downward by 45กใ, with a clean appearance, which can effectively exert the effect of secondary rainfall and avoid rainstorms entering the rain. Flue gas emissions can also be directed.
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Stainless Steel Marine Cowl Air Vent

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