Nylon Cast Net

Nylon Cast Net

1. Professional Pure Handmade Knitting;

2. High Quality Nylon Line;

3. Net been treated with Tung Oil;

4. Hollow Lead Pendant, Exquisite Workmanship

5. Simple Operation, Easy to Carry

Specification of Nylon Cast Net

1. Type: Handmade Nylon Cast Net

2. Mesh Size: one-finger size (about 2.3~2.8cm)

3. Cast Net Height: 4m

4. Spreaded Diameter: 5.5m

5. Pendant: hollow pure lead weight

6. Weight: 3.6kg

7. Optional Accessory: professional hand rope, repair tool (with repair line)

Note: we supply various specifications of nylon cast net. The above specification is just for your reference. We can design and manufacture the customized fishing nets for you. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. Weกฏre sincere to cooperate with you.

Nylon Cast Net

Nylon Cast Net

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