American Style Hand Cast Net

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American Style Hand Cast Net

American Style Hand Cast Net

American style hand cast net is quite suitable for one person or two persons fishing operations in shallow sea, rivers, lakes, ponds and other fishing areas. It is simple to operate, easy to carry and a better choice for fishing in rivers, ponds etc.

Features of American Hand Cast Net

1. 15m lengthened hand rope, net can be cast farther;

2. Enlarged deconcentrator, drawing wire being more solid;

3. One-finger mesh to catch both the small and large fish;

4. Multiple bundle, never drop out;

5. Hollow pure lead weights, never drop out and fast cast into the water;


1. Type: American Style Hand Cast Net;

2. Material: Green Nylon Wire;

3. Color: Blue

4. Knot Type: Knotted Net

5. Diameters: 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m

6. Accessories: hand rope; wire deconcentrator; lead weights

7. Application: Rivers, Lakes, Ponds etc.

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American Style Hand Cast Net

American Style Hand Cast Net

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