Handmade Cast Net

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Handmade Cast Net

Handmade Cast Net

Handmade cast net is woven by pure human hand. It is suitable for the fish catching in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, fish ponds and other water areas.

Features of Handmade Cast Net

1. Pure hand-made cast net;neat workmanship;

2. Easy to use, fast cast into the water;

3. Pure hand bound lead sinker, solid, never fall off;

4. Reasonal weight for easy cast;

5. Net top can be fully opened


1. Type: Handmade Cast Net

2. Net Height: 4m

3. Mesh Size: one-finger mesh

4. Net Weight: 4kg

5. Material: light blue monofilament wire(upper part); Nylon Wire (lower part)

6. Net Sinker: lead sinker

Note: we supply various specifications of cast nets to meet our customerกฏs special demand. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Weกฏre sincere to cooperate with you.

Handmade Cast Net

Handmade Cast Net

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