Monofilament Gill Net

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Monofilament Gill Net

Monofilament Gill Net

Monofilament gill net is woven by heddle material, having the features of long service life, good fishing effect. Once the fish swims into the net, it cannot escape any more. This monofilament gill net is widely used for fishing in reservoirs, lakes, rivers, ponds and other waters.


1. Type: Monofilament Gill Net

2. Height: 15m

3. Mesh Size (Inner Net): about 11cm

4. Length: 100m

5. Structure: Three-layer Structure ¡°Sinking Net¡±

6. Material: Nylon Monofilament Net, Plastic Floats, Lead Weights

Note: we supply various specifications of monofilament gill net. The above specification is just for your reference. We can design and manufacture the customized fishing nets for you. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. We¡¯re sincere to cooperate with you.

Monofilament Gill Net

Monofilament Gill Net

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