Fishing Drag Net

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Fishing Drag Net

Fishing Drag Net

Fishing drag net makes use of the movement of boats and tows the fishing gears in the sea or sea bottom, forcing the fish, shrimp and crab and other fishing objects into the cod-end to achieve the purpose of fishing.

Features of Fishing Drag Net

1. Adopting high strength and high toughness polyethylene wear-resisting yarn and rope, saving fuel for the boat;

2. High mesh opening degree, low elongation, suitable for deep sea and ocean fishing;

3. Providing a variety of single boat and double boat trawl net, seine net and other large marine fishing nets and supporting plate etc.;

4. Can customize different seine net and drag net according to customer¡¯s different requirement for the different sea and fishing object.


1. Type: Fishing Net

2. Height: 5m

3. Length: 70m

4. Mesh Size: two-finger size

5. Weight: 18kg

6. Material: PE mesh

7. Accessories: iron pendants, PVC floats, thickened rope

8. Appliable to rivers, ponds and other waters

Note: the above specifications is only for your reference. We supply various types and specifications of fishing nets. We can also custom fishing nets according to your special requirements.

For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. We¡¯re sincere to cooperate with you.

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