Cast Net

Cast Net

Cast net is suitable for the single or double persons fishing operation in shallow water, rivers, lakes, ponds and other waters. The nylon cast net is beautiful and has long service life. It is also simple to operate and easy to carry- a very good choice for users.


1. Type: handmade cast net

2. Material: polyester

3. Pendant: 3kg pure lead weight

4. Length: 3.3m

5. Mesh Size: 3cm

6. PLY: 3ply

7. Color: yellow or any other colors as requested

Note: the above specification of fishing net is only for your reference. We supply all specifications of fishing nets. We can design and process specific fishing nets according to your special requirements.

For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. We¡¯re sincere to cooperate with you.

Cast Net

Nylon Casting Net

Cast Net

Handmade Casting Net

Cast Net

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