Inflatable Lift Net for Fishing

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Inflatable Lift Net for Fishing

Inflatable Lift Net for Fishing

Inflatable lift net is a new type of fishing nets, which can catch freshwater or seawater fishes in various levels of water.

Working Theory:

Firstly, before deploy the fishing net into the water, install one circle of thick rubber tube around the net edges.

Secondly, open the valve when feeding or trapping the fishes and then the air belt set at the net of feeding area will inflate and up to float to the surface subject to the high pressure, needing about 2-6 seconds to float to the water surface.

At last, form a net cage like a ¡°bag¡± which rapidly hauls and encloses all sizes of fishes. The inflatable lift net can be moved freely on the water for fishing.


Suitable for large areas fishing in deep sea, shallow sea, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds and ditches.

Special Features:

1. Large Fishing Area;

2. High Output;

3. No Hurting to the Fish;

4. Less Operators;

5. Low Labor Intensity;

6. Can catch and transport at any time equipped with the net cage


1. Model Type: Inflatable Lift Net

2. Material: Nylon/PE etc.

3. Size: customized according to your requirements

4. Color: Green, Orange etc.

5. Certificate: national patent certificate

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Inflatable Lift Net for Fishing

Inflatable Lift Net for Fishing

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