Gill Net

Gill Net

Gill net is also known as nylon heddle net, having two types of single layer and three layer nets. When fishing, the rectangular gill net lies across the river or lake, making the fishes voluntarily or be pulled to the net. Gill net has a large fishing capacity and obvious fishing effect. Once the fish swims into the gill net, it cannot escape.


1. Type: Gill Net

2. Mesh Size: 8cm

3. Height: 6m

4. Length: 75m

5. Line Diameter: 0.125mm

6. Color: white

7. Material: nylon filament

8. Structure: three-layer fishing net

Note: the above specification is only for your reference. We supply all specifications and various types of fishing nets. We can custom fishing nets to meet your special demands. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us.

Gill Net

Multifilament Gill Net

Gill Net

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Gill Net

Nylon Gill Net

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