Marine Steam Fan Heater

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Marine Steam Fan Heater


The steam heater for ships is an air heating device that uses steam as the heating medium and uses air circulation for heating.

The working principle is that under the operation of the self-provided axial flow fan, the heat exchanger is continuously blown, so that the cold air contacts with the high temperature heater windings and the heat dissipation pipe, and is heated, and the heated air is discharged through the louver, so that the source of the fan It continuously absorbs the surrounding cold air from the end of the motor, and the heated air is continuously discharged out of the heater and circulates endlessly, so that the indoor air temperature continues to rise to achieve the purpose of warming


The marine steam heater is mainly used when the ship is parked and the ambient temperature is close to 0íŠ, in order to ensure the cabin temperature required by the corresponding cabin of the ship, so as to facilitate the timely and rapid start of the cabin equipment and the preparation of the ship, so the marine heater Fans are essential equipment for ships.

In addition, the heater can also be used for the heating of crew members in other cabins to supplement the lack of air-conditioning heat.

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Marine Steam Fan Heater

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Marine Steam Fan Heater

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