Marine Heating Fan

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Marine Heating Fan


Case: It is made of welded steel plates, and can be made of ordinary steel plates and various stainless steel plates according to user needs.
Impeller: Made of LF3 anti-rust aluminum, molded aluminum plate, broad blade.
Radiator: stainless steel tube wound type
Blinds: It is stamped and formed by steel plate, and the blades are made into adjustable type, which are used to adjust the air volume and direction.
Marine electric motor: It has the characteristics of good moisture-proof, mildew-proof and salt-spray resistance, stable operation and low noise.

The windings and metal parts of the marine motor are specially impregnated and treated in accordance with the requirements of the humid tropical motor, and have good moisture-proof, mildew-proof and salt-fog resistance properties.

There are axial heat dissipation ribs on the surface of the base of the marine motor, which can increase the cooling effect.

Marine electric motors can add space heaters upon request.

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Marine Heating Fan

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