CNFS Marine Hot-water Heating Fan

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CNFS Marine Hot-water Heating Fan


The heating unit, with 90íŠ hot water as the heating medium, is a critical equipment in main engine room, auxiliary machinery compartment and other compartments.

When the ship is pulled in and the ambient temperature is close to 0íŠ, the unit must be started to keep the temperature in each compartment above 0íŠ to avoid the damage of the equipment and pipelines inside due to low temperature and facilitate the preparation for next voyage of the ship.

This equipment is composed of heat radiation coil pipe and axial fan.

Product advantages:

The overall structure of the heater is light, flexible and firm, and can be wall mounted or seat mounted. Small size, light weight, low noise, good corrosion resistance, anti - swing, vibration and impact.

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CNFS Marine Hot-water Heating Fan

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