Wheelhouse Control Console

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Wheelhouse Control Console

Wheelhouse Control Console

Wheelhouse control console is designed to accommodate a variety of equipment, including computer workstations, communications and navigation systems. Console modular structure that provides a variety of structural forms and arrangement of the console control scheme arrording to the characteristics of different types of ships and user operation habits. Arrangement of instruments and equipments can provide the most optimized human-machine interface that allows the pilot to easily collect all kinds of information and efficient processing.

Product Features:

1. It adopts the module structure.

2. The arrangement provides the most optimized human-machine interface.

3. The self-supporting structure with opening bottom, front and rear door.

4. High control accuracy, good balance.

5. Control components are international brands with superior performance.

6. The distribution box and the out-door illumination devices are convinent to be controlled.

7. Navigation work lights controlled by relay control unit is safe and reliable.

8. Schematic diagram showing the distribution of the operation panel light is simple and convenient.

Technical parameter:

1. Voltage level of all kinds distribution boxes: AC200V-AC500V/ DC24V

2. Voltage level of the wheelhouse control console: AC200V-AC500V/ DC24V

3. Frequency: 50/60 HZ5%

4. Cooling: air

5. Environment temperature: -25~65

6. Protection class: IP22


1. Front side with safety handrails

2. Equipped with the channel steel seat and the shock absorbing rubber.

3. Board side, front and the rear panels equipped with ventilation shutters open.

4. The wire connection and maintenance at the front of the panes are very convenient.

Wheelhouse Control Console

Wheelhouse Control Console

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