Marine Conning Information Display System

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Marine Conning Information Display System

Marine Conning Information Display System

Marine conning information display system is the centralized display and management device of navigation sensor, host, rudder and so on. It can receive the ship navigation information, environmental information, steering information, operation information and ship status information send by navigation sensor or network system. Then centrally display according to IMO regulations and managements. Besides, it can also accept all kinds of fault alarm information, then manage the information and alarm according to IMO regulations.

Customized interface protocols realize the seamless access to the sensor device. For the different environments, it can provide different monitoring mode, including wide waters and reach port.

Product Features:

1. Integrated display the navigation information

2. Synthetic display the marine environmental information

3. Integrated display sailing operation information

4. Optimum option of automatic or manual sensor data.

5. Monitoring and alarm of equipment state

6. Communicating with the electronic chart system and real-time monitoring ship navigation state.

7. Adapt to the work requirements of wheel house in different lighting conditions: day, dusk and night.

8. Record the ship condition and navigation on voyage

Performance index:

1. Operation system: Windows XP

2. Display screen: LCD

3. Power supply: 220V-240VAC 50/60HZ 7A MAX

4. Environment: -15~55

5. Humidity: 93%3%

6. Standard: IEC60945, IEC61162-1,2

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