Marine Multi-function Operator Station

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Marine Multi-function Operator Station

Marine Multi-function Operator Station

Marine multi-function operator station integrates three kind of system function: conning, navigation radar and electronic chart display. It can realize synchronous work or switch of multiple system, and set according to dynamic positions and permission. It can provide quick and direct information service for ship workers, which reflects the one man operation concept and improve the system reliability.

Product Feature:

1. Instantaneous switch of Radar, Conning, ECIDS system.

2. Increase redundant system to ensure normal operation of ship.

3. Three display mode: day, dusk, night.

4. Provide quick and direct information service and realize one man operation.

5. Enroll targets manually or automaticly in radar mode.

6. Radar images superimposed display on the electronic navigation chart.

7. Traction control, docking operation in conning mode.

8. Make voyage plan and monitoring course in ECDIS mode.

9. Suppress interference from waves, rain and snow in radar mode.

Performance index:

1. Operation system: Windows XP

2. Display screen: LCD

3. Power supply: 220V-240VAC 50/60HZ 7A MAX

4. Environment: -15~55

5. Humidity: 93%3%

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