Ship Autopilot

Ship Autopilot

Ship autopilot is a kind of equipment that can automaticlly control steering engine to keep the ship voyage in accordance with navigation plan. It has two kinds of working method: automatic steering and manual steering. When ship sails along direct route on the sea, automatic steering can be used to reduce labor intensity, improve the precision of course keeping, reduced time and save energy. When the ship is entering or leaving port, or its in poor visibility, manual steering can ensure the safety and flexibility of ship.

Product Features:

1. Simple way of steering. Operating the steering handle on control console or servo steering button on the control box can drive it.

2. Override handle is simple with sound and light hint.

3. Four types of automatic steering method: ship course control, turning radius control, turning speed control, ship track control.

4. Showing autopilot alarm and steering gear extension alarm.

5. Backlight brightness can be adjusted on the control console to meet the requirements of night navigation.

6. Dual channel steering control to ensure the safety and stability of navigation.

7. Control system is composed of high reliability of industrial computer, big screen touch LED display component.

Technical parameters:

1. Power and Voltage: main power: 380V 50HZ; alarm power: DC24V

2. Steering mode: automatic, following-up, simpleness, remote

3. Steeering range: 35or other range

4. Course stability: clam water no greater than 1course

5. Following-up steering sensitivity: 1

6. Automatic steering sensitivity: 0.5

7. Standard: IEC60945, IEC61162, ISO11674

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