Integrated Monitoring and Alarm System

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Integrated Monitoring and Alarm System

Integrated Monitoring and Alarm System

Integrated monitoring and alarm system is designed to monitor the running condition of engine, auxiliary generator and other power equipment exactly and reliably, as well as indicate all the necessary parameter in the screen, such as running status, parameter setting, fault alarm and so on. So, it can reduce the working intensity and improve the working condition for the electric engineer.

Once the running equipment failure, the audio and visual alarm will automatic active and print out. For unattended machinery spaces, centralized monitoring and alarm system can extend to the wheelhouse, pubic places, the chief engineer and the engineer on duty in the residence. It is the most important part of ship automation system.

Product Feature:

1. Equipment fault alarm and break alarm

2. Device parameters and status indicator

3. Alarm indicator

4. Record print

5. Time delay alarm

6. Blocking alarm

7. Extendion alarm

8. Integrated watch alarm, safety alarm

9. Auxiliary calling function

10. The characteristics of self diagnosis

11. Redundant network

12. Backup power automatic change over

13. Can bus transmit data to other systems

14. Extensible CAN, RS484 interface.

Integrated Monitoring and Alarm System

System Scheme Integrated Monitoring and Alarm Syetem

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