Marine Electronic Chart System ECS

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Marine Electronic Chart System ECS

Marine Electronic Chart System ECS

By receiving and processing of various electronic navigation sensor information, electronic chart system can easily design course, monitoring navigation and provide all kinds of information related to sailing. It can provide a user-oriented display interface with quick and easy operation. And it has four types of alarm mode, alert system for preventing ship collision, yaw, dragging and dangerous ships around.

Product Features:

1. Custom display parameters according to different waters environment.

2. Providing a variety of navigation display mode according to navigation area and userí»s operation.

3. Precisely measure the distance and orientation on voyage.

4. It has the function of navigation safety check automaticlly.

5. Updating automaticlly or manually.

6. Integrating informations of GPS, compass, log, depth sounder, radar and AIS.

7. Real-time display the sailing condition and alarm for the emergency situations.

8. Routes, length and sailing time can be planned on chart interface.

9. Different color patterns can be chosed in different navigation environment.

10. Three types of alarm: acousto-optic, icon and message.

Performance Index:

1. Operation system: Windows XP

2. Display screen: LCD

3. Power supply: 100V-240VAC 50/60HZ

4. Environment: -15~55íŠ

5. Humidity: 93%í└3%

6. Standard: IEC62288, IEC60945

7. Installation: desk, bracket, embedded

Marine Electronic Chart System ECS

Display Interface of Elelctronic Chart System

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