Weathertight Door

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Weathertight Door

Weathertight Door

A weathertight door is designed and located on the deck of a ship/boat above the waterline, where they can be subject to the adverse weather conditions. Weathertight doors also designed to withstand brief submersion experienced from green seas. This means that a weathertight door can withstand a small head of water(generally no higher than the height of the door). We provide various kinds of weathertight doors. The following items can be customized: color, material, windows, door sizes, handles, hinges... If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


▪ To be made of aluminum, steel, and FRP

▪ Outstanding performance in weather tightness

▪ To be customized

▪ Long service life

▪ Suitable for ships/boats/offshore platform

▪ Spray tight

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Weathertight Door

Weathertight Swing Door

Weathertight Door

Weathertight Sliding Door

Weathertight Door

Quick Acting Weathertight Door

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