Soft Open Top Container

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Soft Open Top Container

Soft Open Top Container

Soft open top container are designed and constructed to transport general cargo on sea, road, railway through the world. The roof of it could be fully opened with roof bows and soft tarpaulin. And it is easy for the loading and unloading for heavy objects. It fully meets the requirements of ISO for strength, and is easy to operate.

Product Details:

1. Type: Open top container

2. Material: Carbon steel

3. External Dimension: 6058*2438*2591mm/ 12192*2438*2438mm

4. Internal Dimension: 5888*2350*2354mm/ 12032*2352*2348mm

5. Maximum gross weight: 30480KG

6. Tare Weight: 2400KG/ 4700KG

7. Maximum payload: 28040KG/ 25780KG

8. Finish: Painted

9. Color: as your requirement

10. Certificate: CCS, BV, GL, ABS

Specification: HSOT

Soft Open Top Container 20ft 40ft
External(mm) Length 6058 12192
Width 2438 2438
Height 2591 2438
Internal(mm) Length 5888 12032
Width 2350 2352
Height 2354 2348
Door Opening Width 2340 2340
Height 2280 2280
Roof Opening Width 5762 11806
Height 2232 2232
Max.Gross Weight(KG) 30480 30480
Tare Weight(KG) 2400 4700
Max. Payload(KG) 28040 25780

Soft Open Top Container

40ft Soft Open Top Container

Soft Open Top Container

20ft Soft Open Top Container

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