53 Foot High Cube Container

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53 Foot High Cube Container

53 Foot High Cube Container

53ft high cube container is mainly used for the long-distance logistics transportation. The structure of it designed by the professional 3D sofeware, and the surface of body can be painted according to customer¡¯s requirement. It has advantages of light weight, large volume, reasonable structure, beautiful surface and so on.

Product Details:

1. Type: 53 foot high cube container

2. Material: Carbon Steel

3. External Dimensions: 16154*2600*2908mm

4. Internal Dimension: 16000*2556*2781mm

5. Weight: 5700KG

6. Maximum Load: 56750KG

7. Finish: Painted

8. Color: as your requirement

9. Certificate: CCS, BV, GL, ABS

Specification: HS53HC

Dimension(L*W*H) External 16154*2600*2908 mm
Internal 16000*2556*2781 mm
Door Opening Width 2489 mm
Height 2781 mm
Maximun Gross Weight 30480 KG
Tate Weight 4740 KG
Maximum Payload 56750 KG

53 Foot High Cube Container

53ft High Cube Container

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