20 Foot Bulk Cargo Container

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20 Foot Bulk Cargo Container

20 Foot Bulk Cargo Container

20ft bulk cargo container use special discharge outlet and valve with protection structure equipped in interior. It is suitable for the loading, unloading and transshipment of the small particles chemical raw material as well as food bulk cargo. It is equipped with two hatches on the roof for loading bulk cargo. And the smoth steel floor and internal wall are applied to facilitate unloading.

Product Details:

1. Type: Bulk cargo container

2. Material: Carbon steel

3. External Dimension: 6058*2438*2896mm

4. Internal Dimension: 5901*2371*2324mm

5. Maximum gross weight: 30480KG

6. Tare Weight: 3100KG

7. Maximum payload: 27380KG

8. Finish: Painted

9. Color: as your requirement

10. Certificate: CCS, BV, GL, ABS

Specification: HS20BC

20ft Bulk Cargo Container
Dimension(L*W*H) External 6059*2438*2591 mm
Internal 5901*2371*2324 mm
Door Opening Width 2340 mm
Height 2308 mm
Maximun Gross Weight 30480 KG
Tate Weight 3100 KG
Maximum Payload 27380 KG

20 Foot Bulk Cargo Container

20ft Bulk Cargo Container-A

20 Foot Bulk Cargo Container

20ft Bulk Cargo Container

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