Insulated Shipping Container

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Insulated Shipping Container

Insulated Shipping Container

Insulated shipping container has advantages of of high strength, beautiful appearance, good quality and easy maintenance. It meets the ISO standard and can be used for sea and inland transportation. Insulated shipping container is constructed to store and transport special goods that is sensitive to temperature.

Product Details:

1. Type: Insulated container

2. Material: Carbon steel

3. External Dimension: 6058*2438*2896mm/ 12192*2438*2591mm

4. Internal Dimension: 5901*2371*2324mm/12032*2352*2393mm

5. Maximum gross weight: 30480KG

6. Tare Weight: 2185KG/3720KG

7. Maximum payload: 21770KG/26780KG

8. Finish: Painted

9. Color: as your requirement

10. Certificate: CCS, BV, GL, ABS

Specification: HSIC

Insulated Shipping Container 20ft 40ft
Dimension(L*W*H) External 6059*2438*2591 mm 12192*2438*2591 mm
Internal 5899*2352*2393 mm 12032*2352*2393 mm
Door Opening Width 2340 mm 2340 mm
Height 2208 mm 2208 mm
Capacity 33.2 cbm 67.7 cbm
Maximun Gross Weight 30480 KG 30480 KG
Tate Weight 2185 KG 3720KG
Maximum Payload 21770 KG 26780KG

Insulated Shipping Container

Insulated Shipping Container-A

Insulated Shipping Container

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