Dangerous Goods Container

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Dangerous Goods Container

Dangerous Goods Container

When loading and unloading goods, you should consider the special characteristics of dangerous goods, and make sure container structure suitable for shipment. The containers that contain explosive and oxidative goods should be cleaned throughly before use to prevent fire and explosion. The rinsed container can load goods after it completely dry.

Product Details:

1. Type: Dangerous goods container

2. Material: Carbon steel

3. External Dimension: 6058*2438*2591mm

4. Internal Dimension: 5898*2330*2177mm

5. Maximum gross weight: 11000KG

6. Tare Weight: 2800KG

7. Maximum payload: 8200KG

8. Finish: Painted

9. Color: as your requirement

10. Certificate: CCS, BV, GL, ABS

Specification: HSDG

Dangerous Goods Container 20ft
External(mm) Length 6058
Width 2438
Height 2591
Internal(mm) Length 5898
Width 2330
Height 2177
Door Opening Width 2340
Height 2280
Side Opening Width 5702
Height 2154
Max.Gross Weight(KG) 11000
Tare Weight(KG) 2800
Max. Payload(KG) 8200

Dangerous Goods Container

Dangerous Goods Container

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