Shipping Container

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Shipping Container

Shipping Container

Container is a kind of big metal box that has a certain strength, stiffness, specification and can be used repeatedly. When used to transport goods, it can be loaded on the cosigner¡¯s warehouse and unloaded on the consignee¡¯s warehouse directly. So, the goods do not need to take out when transshipment of car or ship is needed on the midway.

The biggest success of container lies in the standardization of it and a complete set of transport system established by it.

According to the structure, function and specification, it can be devided into many types, such as: Dry Cargo Container, Reefer Container, Open Top Container, Flat Rack Container, Tank Container, Bulk Cargo Container and so on.

Features of shipping container:

1. Material: Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, Stainless Steel

2. Structure: Closed, Open Top, Flat Rack, Folded

3. Weight: 30t, 20t, 10t, 5t, 2.5t

Advantages of shipping container:

1. Enough strengh make it can be used repeated.

2. The goods do not need to take out when transshipment

3. The loading and unloading of goods is convenient.

4. The volume is big and can contain many goods.

5. Standard specification make it can be placed orderly on ship or harbor, thus save a lot of space.

Shipping Container

20ft GP Dry Cargo Container

Shipping Container

Open Top Container

Shipping Container

ISO Standard Reefer Container

Shipping Container

20ft Tank Container

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