WCH Sewage Treater

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WCH Sewage Treater

WCH Sewage Treater

WCH series of crushing disinfecting sewage treatment plant used for srorage of raw waste water or solid residue processed by sewage treatment plant for various types of vessels. Also work with the sewage treatment plant to for a complete set for forwarding counter use. This device has the features of dosing disinfection, residue crushing, cabinets washing and discharging the treated waste water residue to the outboard row. The storage cabinet structure is simple and wasy to operate and the quality of water which is procedded in line with the requirement of IMO shredders and collection tank.


Raw waste water or solid residues treated by sewage treatment plant get into the sterilized manure storage cabinet, assumulating to a certain level in it, then to start the smashing pump. To make waste water or solid residue runs the repeated cycle of crushing, adding to drugs to it for disinfection at the same time. When waste water or solid residue crushed to a certain degree, we can send the waste water to the shore reception facilities through the international emission joint on the deck, or discharge directly to the outboard in the non-controlled sea area.

Main Technic:

-Water quality of emission: coliform groupí▄1000/100ml, and there is no visible suspended solids.


-Blowdown pressure:0.1MPa

Max. Power:









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