Marine Waste Water Treatment Device

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Marine Waste Water Treatment Device

The marine waste water treatment device is applicable to treat the toilets sewage on ships and also to sterilize grew water. The treated sewage can meet internatinal standards for effluent discharge.

The operation of the plant is automatic. Warning is set to show the load status of sewage in the tank. The unit has small footprint, but the treatment ability is strong, it can serve many people in low flush water condition.

The plant can be welded or bolted on the ship base.

Technical parameters

Model Person Allowed Capacity Power Weight (kg) Quality of Effluent
(m3) (kW) Dry Wet
WCX-24 24 1.68 4 460 580 Suspended solid SSí█50mg/L, Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD5í█50mg/L, Coliciní█250/100ml, PH value:6-9
WCX-36 36 2.52 4 530 685
WCX-72 72 5 5 854 1194

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