200 persons Waste Water Treatment Plant

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200 persons Waste Water Treatment Plant

200 persons Waste Water Treatment Plant

This waste water treatment plant is applicable to treat the sewage, which means human body wastes and the wastes from the toilets on vessels and which is also called ”°black water”±, to meet the effluent standards of IMO MEPC.159£Ø55), and discharge the effluent to overboard. It is also applicable to treat galley & shower drainage which is called ”°grey water”± on condition that the ”°grey water”± should be pretreated or should select a bigger capacity model to match with.

CCS, BV, EC, and GL certificater supply.

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200 persons Waste Water Treatment Plant

Technical Parameters

Specification SWCM-200
Treated Load Average (L/D) 14700
Pinnacle(L/H) 1838
Organic Load (kgBOD5/d) 7.35
Rated Capacity (Person) 200
Max. Capacity (Person) 210
Voltage AC 380V/50HZ/3¦µ, AC440V/60HZ/3¦µ
Power (kw) 6.0
Size (mm) (L*W*H) 3630*2200*2350
Weight Dry (kg) 3000
Wet (kg) 13267
Effluent standard BOD5 25mg/L ”Ū, COD”Ū125mg/L, TSS”Ū35mg/L, coliform”Ū100/100ml, PH6”«8.5, CL2”Ū0.5mg/L

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