Water-activated Lifejacket Light

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Water-activated Lifejacket Light

Water-activated Lifejacket Light:

The water-activated lifejacket light is the latest development lifejacket light that can light automatically when it touch the water,the water-touch copper pillar use the gold-plated process,when the people wearing lifesaving clothes dive into water,the lamp will light automatically,do not need pre-open the lifejacket light.It has a novel appearance, simple structure,and is easy to operate.The water-activated lifejacket light use LED bulbs,what have advantages of energy saving,high efficiency and long life,and the housing of it is high-frequency welding, elegant appearance,solid,as well impermeable.All the products designed and manufacturing by the provisions of MSC.81 (70) and MSC.200 (80), MSC.226 (82), MSC.323 (89).


1.Battery: Lithium battery

2.Operating current:80mA

3.Operation Voltage:3V

4.Flash frenquency:50-70 times/min

5.Luminous Intensity:0.75cd

6.Time of Power Supply:8h

7.Color of light:White


Water-activated Lifejacket Light

Water-activated Lifejacket Light

Water-activated Lifejacket Light

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