Explosion-proof Lifebuoy Light

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Explosion-proof Lifebuoy Light

Explosion-proof Lifebuoy Light:

The explosion-proof lifebuoy light is an intrinsically safe lifebuoy lights can be used in hazardous locations zone0,zone1,zone2,not only applied to be equipped in the lifebuoys that used on vessels sailing on the international voyages or coast,but also equipped in offshore oil drilling platform, oil,gas other inflammable and explosive tankers,easy to install,safe and reliable.Lamp shell is a closed structure,made of injection molded from modified PC,and lamp shade use the transparent PC materials,corrosion resistance,impact resistance,ruggedized,the light falls or collides with other objects will not produce sparks,safe and reliable.The light source use a special white emitting diode,using constant current boost chip to control circuit,high luminous efficiency and stable performance.

1.Explosion Levels: EXia IIC T4Ga

2.Luminous Intensity:More than 2.00cd

3.Time of Power:More than 2Hours

4.Operation Voltage: 3.6V

5.Stowage Environment Temperature:-30 Degree~+65 Degree

6.Water-Activated Temperature:-1 dgree ~ +30 degree

7.Lighting Form:Flashing

8.Flash Frequency:50-70 times/min

9.Color of Light:White

10.Power supply:Dry battery


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