Dry Battery Lifejacket Light

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Dry Battery Lifejacket Light

Dry Battery Lifejacket Light:

The dry battery lifejacket light is a kind of lifesaving outfit equipped on the lifejacket,using the dry battery as power source,it is appropriate for persons who fall into the sea at night to give out light signal to the lifesaver so as to be saved.The advantage of this product is less expensive,but the obvious shortcomings of dry batteries is low capacity,which also leads to a life jacket with this fixture can not work continuously for a long time,limits the scope of application.This type lifejacket light requires manual operation when using,hold on the lifejacket light with left hand,and switch on it with right hand,and entered into water,then the light will give out white flashing signal.Product Inspection Standard: Requirements of 1996 Amendments to SOLAS 1974 and LSA Code and Resolution MSC.81(70)


1.Luminosity intensity:0.75cd

2.Working time: 8h

3.Working Volvage:2.9V

4.Storage temperature: -30C~+65C

5.Operating temperature: -1C~+30C

6.Lighting form: ever bright or flash( requested 6V)

7.Flash frequency:50-70times per minutes

8.Weight(include the battery):128g

9.Battery valid: 5 years

10.Battery:Dry battery


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