Lifebuoy Light

Lifebuoy Light:

Lifebuoy Light is a kind of life-saving devices equipped in the lifebuoy,applied to indicate the position at sea to rescue people who fell into the water wearing a life buoy at night.A Lifebuoy is provided with a lifebuoy light which is available for use by day and night and to be equally distributed on both sides of the ship,however a lifebuoy light can only be equipped on 4.3KGS/2.5KGS lifebuoys.The lifebuoy lights have the properties of fire-resistant,oil-resistant,mould-proof,corrosion-proof,water-proof,resistance UV,etc.

Product Inspection Standard: Requirements of 1996 Amendments to SOLAS 1974 and LSA Code and Resolution MSC.81 (70).


1.Types:Li-battery lifebuoy light,explosion-proof lifebuoy light,self-igniting lifebuoy light,seawater battery lifebuoy light,etc.

2.Lamp:Powerful LED

3.Luminous Intensity:2.0cd

4.Operation Life:8h

5.Stowage environment temperature:-30C~ +65C

6.Working environment Temperature:-1C~ +30C

7.Lighting Form:Flashing or steady light

8.Flash Frequency:50∼70times/min

9.Color of Light:White


Application field:

1.For Buoy ring as mandatory requirement by SOLAS

2.Night time flasher positioning in water for below case:

a) for downing people to find the rescue position

b) for rescue personnel to find downing people

3.For sea, river ship navigation

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