Li-battery Liferaft Light

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Li-battery Liferaft Light

Li-battery Liferaft Light:

Li-battery liferaft light is a kind of liferaft light that use Li-battery as the power source,a life-saving devices equipped in the liferaft,applicable to the people who fell into the sea and the rescuer at night to indicate the position of liferaft at sea,to achieve rapidly rescue purposes.Lithium batteries that the lamps used have advantages of high energy,long life,low self-discharge,light weight,high and low temperature adaptability, etc,which make this type light widely used in various liferafts,applied to liferaft on board the vessel engaged in international voyage or coast.In accordance with SOLAS 1974/1996, LSA, MSC.81(70) and MSC.21 8(82).


1.Luminous Intensity:4.3cd

2.Time of Power: 12h

3.Lighting form:Flashing

4.Validity:5 years

5.Light bulb:LED Bulbs

6.Size:131.2mm x 82mm x 47.5mm.

7.Flashing Frequency:50~70 times/minutes


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