Explosion-proof Lifejacket Light

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Explosion-proof Lifejacket Light

Explosion-proof Lifejacket Light:

The explosion-proof lifejacket light is an intrinsically safe lights can be used in hazardous locations zone0,zone1,zone2,not only applied to be equipped in the lifejackets that used on vessels sailing on the international voyages or coast,but also equipped in offshore oil drilling platform,oil,gas other inflammable and explosive tankers,easy to install,safe and reliable just like the explosion-proof lifebuoy light.The light source use LED bulb,what shock resistance is better than other bulbs,also it's energy-efficient,impact resistance and has longer service life.

Product inspection standard:Requirements of 1996 amendments to SOLAS 1974 and LAS code and Resolution MSC.81(70).

1.Battery:Lithium battery

2.Lamp:Power LED

3.Explosion Levels:Ex Ia¢ņCT4Ga

4.Switch:Water-activated switch

5.Luminous intensity”Ż0.75cd

6.Time of power:More than 8h

7.Stowage Environment Temperature:-30 degree~+65 degree

8.Water-Activated Temperature:-1 dgree~+30 degree

9.Operation Voltage:6.0V

10.Color of light:White


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