Steel Wire Rope

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Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Steel wire rope is consisted of several strands of metal wire twisted into a helix. It is used for lifting, traction, taut and bearing in the material handling. And it has advantages of high strength, light weight, safe and stable work.

We can produce various of steel wire rope according to our national standards such as GB8919, GB/T20118, GB/T20067 and also international standards ISO, ASTM, EN, JIS and API etc. Got API, DNV, LR, BV, CCS, MA and KA certification,which assure good quality control.

Steel Wire Rope


The performance of steel wire rope to load is mainly determined by steel wire. Steel wire rope are normally made of carbon steel or alloy steel, which makes it has high strength and toughness. And the surface treatment of it can be finished according to the used environment.


In the cross lay strands, the wires of the different layers cross each other. In the mostly used parallel lay strands, the lay length of all the wire layers is eaqul and the wires of any two superimposed layers are parallel, resulting in linear contact.


The rope core is mainly used to increase the elasticity and thoughness, lubricate steel wire, lighten friction and improve the service life of wire rope. The commonly used types including oganic fibers, such as hemp and cotton, synthetic fiber, asbestos core or soft metal materials.

Selection of Wire Rope:

On how to select different constructions of wire rope, you can refer to GB8918-2006 กฐ Steel Wire Ropes for Important Purpose กฑ, and GB/T20018-2006 กฐ Steel Wire Ropes for General Purposes กฑ. The technical parameters such as lifting load, safety coefficient, and the lifting capacity of the lifting equipment should be taken into consideration when selecting the strength class of wire rope.

Safety Notices:

1. Steel wire ropes and riggings should be examed carefully before use;

2. Donกฏt use it overweight;

3. It is forbidden to use abrasion, damage and discard steel wire rope;

4. Choose the suitable steel wire rope and use it correctly.

Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope for General Purposes

Steel Wire Rope

Large Diameter Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope for Important Purposes

Steel Wire Rope

Ungalvanized Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

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