PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope

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PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope

PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope

PVC steel wire rope looks more beautiful than the ordinary one, and the structure of it is more stable, which achieve the effect cushioning and anti-extrusion. So, the service life of wire rope will be prolonged. It has outstanding corrosion resistance, the service life of it is generally 3.5~5 times of galvanized steel wire rope in the atmosphere, mine and sea water.

Product Details:

1. Item: PVC coated steel wire rope

2. Type: Steel wire rope

3. Finish: Galvanized

4. Material of rope: Steel

5. Nominal tensile Strength: 1570, 1670, 1770, 1860 MPa

6. Color of the PVC: white, black, red, blue etc.

7. Usage: Pulling, lifting and transportion

Safety Notice:

1. In operation, the wire rope should be in steady speed

2. Never overload, and never shock load a wire rope

3. Wire rope should be inspected regularly, including abrasion of wire rope, condition of broken wire and metal parts

4. It is important to clean and replace lubricant to the wire rope periodically.

Specification of common PVC coated steel wire rope:

1*7, 1*19, 6*7, 6*12, 6*15, 6*19, 6*24, 6*25, 6*26, 6*29, 6*31, 6*37, 8*19, 8*25, 8*26, 8*36, 8*37, 8*41, 8*49, 8*61

Special Specifications can be made according to customer's requirements

PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope

Stucture of common steel wire rope

PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope

PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope

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