Sacrificial Anode for Deep Well

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Sacrificial Anode for Deep Well

Sacrificial Anode for Deep Well

Deep well anode is a vertical anode with a depth of less than 15 meters, mainly used as cathodic protection system anode in the case of small surface space or high soil resistivity. One advantage of deep well anode is that the anode and protected structure has a certain distance, making the distribution of protection current is more uniform. In addition, the corrosion interference to other buried metal structures is small.

Implementing Standard: SY/T0096-2000

Main Performance

Long service life, convenient installation, small grounding resistance, large discharge capacity and so on.


Used in deep well anode ground bed cathodic protection system

Product Features

1. Prepackaged deep well anode is developed and manufactured to meet the needs of cathodic protection technology.

2. Deep well anode refers to the top of anode ground bed where the anode top is more than 15 m from the ground; it is relative to the shallow buried anode.

3. It is mainly applicable to the impressed current cathodic protection of oil water well casing, large factories and mines and urban dense pipe network.

4. Deep well anode has small influence on the non-protected underground steel structure, as well as small investment and non limitation of terrain.

5. Small grounding resistance, small interference, energy saving explosion, no excavation along the line.

6. Good protective effect, large output current, uniform current distribution, long protection distance and long service life.

Structure Characteristics

1. Deep well anode system is composed of deep well anode, internal guide device, filling material, cable, well protecting device and other structures.

2. According to the different requirements, deep well anode can be divided into mixed metal oxide anode and high quality and high silicon cast iron anode.

3. Mixed Metal Oxide Anode

4. Mixed metal oxide anode is a kind of new anode coated by titanium base plus iridium, iron and other metals.

5. Mixed metal oxide anode has light weight, good strength, high current efficiency and good electrical conductivity.

6. Strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, especially anti-CI performance, long service life, energy saving.

Model Specification


Mixed Metal Oxide Anode

High Quality&High Silicon Cast Iron Anode


Anode Size


No. Of

Inside Anode








The data in this sheet is only for reference;

Can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements





Replaceable Anode for Deep Well

Main Use: replaceable deep well anode is mainly applicable to the impressed current cathodic protection of oil well casing pipe, large factories and mines, urban dense network and so on.

Structure Feature

adopting high quality and high silicon cast iron anode as main anode, tubular insulated flanges with single pole connections or electric welding, filled with coke powder mixed with chemical absorbent and internal air guide device. Having the advantages of convenient connection, reasonable current distribution, small grounding resistance etc.; when anode is at fault in the well, it can be checked and replaced.

Model Specification


Inner Electrode mm

Outline Dimension

Mass of Inner Anode (kg/per anode)









Reference Design

20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
4 6 8 10 12
KHS-2 6 8 10 12 14

Sacrificial Anode for Deep Well

Sacrificial Anode for Deep Well

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