Impressed Current Anode

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Impressed Current Anode

Impressed Current Anode

Impressed current cathodic protection is an effective method to prevent corrosion of underground metal structures such as pipelines, tanks and so on.
The auxiliary anode is and important part of the impressed current system, which transfers the protective current to the surface of the protected structure through the medium.
The underground structures impressed current cathodic protection anode usually does not directly be buried in the soil, but form the anode ground bed through filling the carbonaceous filler around the anode. The filler is used to decrease the grounding resistance of anode ground bed and prolong the service life of the anode.

Classification of Impressed Current Anodes

1. Prepackaged High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

A. Composition: Prepackaged high silicon cast iron anode is mainly composed of anode, filler coke, air guide pipe and the steel casing pipes and so on.

B. Performance: low consumption rate, low grounding resistance, stable output current and voltage, convenient construction; widely used in cathodic protection construction.

C. Application: auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection system.

D. The anode is deep into several tens of meters of wet soil, effectively reducing the grounding resistance, greatly improve the coverage of the cathodic protection system and extending the life of underground structures such as pipelines. This anode also saves the operation and maintenance cost of cathodic protection system. It is an ideal cathodic protection material for high soil resistivity.

E. Specifications:



Prepackaged High Silicon Iron Anode

Impressed Current Anode

2. High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

The high silicon cast iron anode with chromium is the ideal auxiliary anode for the impressed current cathodic protection system. It is widely used for the protection and anti-corrosion of underground or underwater metal structures such as oil, natural gas, chemical plants ans water company. Our high silicon cast iron anode is manufactured according to the GB 8491-87 standard.

A. Types:

Various types of rod and tubular high silicon cast iron anodes are available.

B. Implementing Standard:


C. Main Performance:

Extremely strong acid corrosion resistance; widely used auxiliary anode material for impressed current cathodic protection system.

D.Main Application:

Widely used for the impressed current cathodic protection in offshore oil drilling platforms, underground pipes, underground cables and other facilities.

Specifications and Sizes of High Silicon Cast Iron Anode


Specification mm

Weight kg

Anode Cable

Section mm2

Length mm





















High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

Impressed Current Anode

3. Mixed Metal Oxide Anode

Mixed metal oxide anode is composed of titanium substrate (ASTM B265, first grade titanium) and a layer of metal oxides (Ru, Ir, Ti metal oxide) with electro catalytic activity covered on the titanium substrate. The oxide coating polarization is small and the consumption rate is very low. By adjusting the composition of the oxide layer, the oxide layer can be adapted to different environments such as sea water, fresh water, soil medium. As the mixed metal oxide anode has the advantages than other anodes do not have, it has become the most ideal and the most promising auxiliary anode material.

In sea water, the main anode product is Cl2; In soil, fresh water, brackish water, sea water, the main anode product is O2 or Cl2 or both two.

Mixed Metal Oxide anodes are mainly divided into four types:
Metal oxide anode has a variety of shapes such as linear, rod, tube, strip, disc and mesh. It is selected according to actual use.

Mixed Metal Oxide Anode

Impressed Current Anode

4. Deep Well Anode

Implementing Standard: SY/T0096-2000
Main Performance: long service life, convenient installation, small grounding resistance, large discharge capacity and so on.

Application: It used in deep well anode ground bed cathodic protection system

Model Specification


Mixed Metal Oxide Anode

High Quality&High Silicon Cast Iron Anode


Anode Size


No. Of

Inside Anode








The data in this sheet is only for reference;

Can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements





Deep Well Anode

Impressed Current Anode

4. Anode flex (Flexible Anode)

A. Electric Conductive Polymer Anode flex/ MMO Anode flex

Anode flex (Flexible Anode) is the core component of the cathodic protection system. It is a linear, flexible and carbon based anode system, being installed in the pipeline, tanks, or other protected structure nearby, and connected to the anode which is connected with external power supply, while the oil tank and pipeline are connceted to the negative electrode of the external power supply to form a circuit. After power on, the right amount of protection current can be evenly dispersed through the wire to each part so that the protected body is fully protected.
Anode flex system is composed of 6 AWG copper wire, conductive polymer, pure activated carbon, acid resistant material layer, woven protection net and other basic units.
MMO Flexible Anode for Impressed-current Cathodic Protection
Impressed Current Anode

B. Copper Cable Core Anode flex

Copper cable core: used as current conductor, the cable type anode has good flexibility, strong resistance to mechanical damage and good chemical stability. With 12.7 mm outside diameter of cable and 11.4 mm2 sectional area of internal copper core wire, the resistance of unit lenght R is 2m.m-1. Flexble anode is mainly used for the cathodic protection of buried pipeline and tank bottom.
The application of flexible anode successfully resolves the problem of old pipeline cathodic protection and also can generally solve the difficulty of some conventional cathodic protection technology such as interference of external structure, the inimplement tation of cathodic protection problems in high resistivity envitonment medium, cathodic protection current distribution at tank bottom.

Generally flexible anode has the following components: copper core, conductive polymer anode materials, coke residue, basketwork and so on.

Copper Cable Core Anode flex

Impressed Current Anode

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